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J. Talasek Homes is a distinguished luxury custom home builder, celebrated for our design expertise, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service. Our excellent reputation has been established in Houston, Texas over six decades, with our craftsmanship spanning across three generations of custom home builders. Our core objective is to provide our clients with a smooth, enjoyable home-building journey via our comprehensive, hassle-free process.

At J. Talasek Homes, we adopt a simple yet effective house-building philosophy: providing our clients with individualized, high-quality service, and delivering a premier product. We understand that home building is an emotionally charged process, entailing a significant investment of time and resources. We act as your representatives throughout the entire process — from acquiring the lot, navigating through architecture and engineering, managing the construction process, to finally handing over the keys to your luxurious new home — we are with you at every stage. Our team at J. Talasek Homes is dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships with our customers based on trust, empathy, and integrity. Effective communication forms a critical part of our work philosophy, and we maintain regular contact with our clients throughout the home-building process. We take pride in our availability to address any questions or concerns our clients may have when they need us. Spotlight Moment—We were featured in the Heights Pages, Summer 2015 edition.

Our vision is to contribute positively to society by upholding fairness in our work and supporting our community. We operate under the principles of always doing what’s right, adding value, maintaining high ethical standards, paying attention to detail, and delivering superior quality in both life and business. To realize our vision, we formed the JET Talasek Foundation.

The JET Talasek Foundation was brought to life by our founder, Justin Talasek, in response to a strong desire to identify and address the needs of people and families within our community. The foundation’s mission is to improve lives by creating comfortable and safe homes for people to call their own.

J. Talasek Homes is dedicated to the planning, design, and construction of distinctive individual homes that perfectly complement your lifestyle. Whether building in the city, along the coast, or in a rural setting, J. Talasek Homes is ready to make your new home a DREAM COME TRUE!